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Wishing Shelf Award finalist

‘This is a really fun book. I loved the house and the
adventure the kids had in it. The covers fab too!’ Girl, aged
‘This book is exciting and funny too. It reminded me of a
Roald Dahl book called The Twits. The story’s different but
the way it’s written is the same with funny characters and an
interesting story.’ Boy, aged 13
‘The story was the best part. It was very clever. I have never
read a book where the house is a character. That’s a cool
idea.’ Boy, aged 11
‘I like a book where the characters are fun to get to know.
That’s what happened with this book. There is so much
happening and now I want to read another book about this
family and the magical house they live in.’ Girl, aged 10
‘Best book ever.’ Girl, aged 10
‘Gripping, funny and totally unputdownable. A
FINALIST and highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf
Book Awards.