Communicating across multiple locations

Communicators working at charities spread across multiple sites will be all too familiar with the sense of ‘them and us’ that can divide central office from branches, groups or regions. “HQ never engages with local issues!” is a common cry, along with “We never see anyone from head office!” And most will recognise that sinking feeling of half the time being told you’re bombarding people with information, while spending the rest of your day dealing with disgruntled colleagues who claim you neve

How to engage senior management with internal comms

As an internal communications professional, you’ll often find yourself in situations where you need the backing of senior management. You might be working for greater transparency, urging speedier reporting of bad news, or explaining the need for better communications by different layers of management around the organisation. Perhaps you’re working in a communications role without a strategy endorsed by your senior management team. Maybe you find yourself setting up promising communications cha